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In anticipation of an all new CSI episode that is set to take place today at 21:00 on CBS - we take a look at a sneak peak of the episode titled 'Fracked'.

If you're looking to watch CSI season 11 episode 8 online trailer or just interested in a brief CSI
'Fracked' preview, then read on below. CSI Season 11 Episode 8 'Fracked' Preview . As far as Suspense Drama shows
go, CSI is considered among the top series on TV and it looks as though today's episode will please loyal fans of the show who've been tuning in since it first premiered in October 6 2000. Two men are murdered right before exposing a natural gas company for poisoning residents in a farming town, and the CSIs must discover who is responsible for their deaths.

For those who haven't been following the show for the last 11 seasons it has been on air then let us give you a recap of what the show is about, ahead of today's episode. CSI is short for Crime Scene Investigatio and was a huge hit when it hit the airwaves back at the start of the millenium. It took the cop series and turned it on its head with new age
technology, innovation, and dramatic elements. It continues stronger than ever providing one of the most satisfying TV shows on the air.

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